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Ingrini’s shop is temporarily closed, I’m working hard to bring you a better shopping experience.
Get ready 😊❤️  new goodies and signature pieces are on the way!

New shop open between
February and March.

About the

Est. 2019

Born in South Africa,
blooming in The Netherlands.

Ingrini Jewellery is special because all pieces are uniquely designed. Collections are inspired by seasonal flowers, colours and trends. 

Each one has its’ own Certificate of Authenticity including a description of petals and material parts used.

Customer Reviews


Paar weken geleden verloor ik mijn kettinkje met een zonnebloem er in van Ingrini. Ik vond het zo erg! Heb toen gevraagd of ze er nog 1 voor mij wilde maken. ik houd er zo veel van!


My friend really loves her jewelry. I bought it for her as a birthday gift! She is in Poland next year, I wanted her to have a nice memory from here 🥰


Thanks for the fantastic beautiful jewellery! I wear them every day and especially the earrings, I get a lot of compliments.

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Welcome to Ingrini, a happy place filled with endless flowers and love.

owner, Claudia Jones