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Starlight Collection | Ingrini


Ingrini has been inspired by De Nacht van de Nacht, an event in The Netherlands encouraging people to use little or no electricity as an awareness of the effect of light pollution on our beautiful planet.

The event takes place on the 26th of October, the same day that The Netherlands will be setting its clock an hour behind. It attracts 47 000 people who participate in more than 500 activities across The Netherlands, of which 100+ restaurants who kill the lights and use candles instead.

The Netherlands is one of the most lit up countries in the world and has become 125 times lighter in the last 100 years. Not only does using more energy cost money, but it also disrupts the biorhythm (body clock) of people, animals, and plants. And ultimately interfering with the visibility of stars and milky ways.

Personally, I can relate to the message behind this cause. Growing up I was fortunate to live on a smallholding (mini farm) with my family outside of the hustle and bustle. There we were blessed with glittery evening skies. But once we moved and lived a more city orientated life, it was clear (or rather, not so clear) that the visibility of shimmering stars was and is slowly disappearing more and more each year.

The Ingrini Starlight collection is inspired by the peaceful, magical night sky with all of its glimmering beauty – may we all start being a little more vigilant and use electricity wisely.





















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