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Behind The Scenes | Ingrini


I’m on vacation, every single day because I love my occupation* would be the best description I can use to describe just how much I love what I do.

No, I’m not literally on vacation, I’m working, living and breathing Ingrini 24/7.

After experimenting with flowers in various settings over the past three years (read more about that here), 2019 finally saw the launch of Ingrini, and my life just bloomed 🙂

Excuse the pun, but I am really in love with the journey I’ve been on so far, and cannot wait to see what happens next.

Everything you see around Ingrini is all done by me. I am a one-woman show.

With that said, there isn’t a specific daily routine of a typical day, because each day is different.
Everything comes with hard work, although time flies for me as I have fun ALL day! The best part is finding inspiration through colour, starting by sourcing flowers from the most amazing little shops as well as in a natural setting. Then I get to work by experimenting with various combinations until I find a unique concept.

Once the piece has been made, a lot of time is spent photographing it to bring it all together on the Ingrini shop as well as presenting it to all of you on Instagram and Facebook.

I’m enjoying every second and every part of well, everything. My dream is to have my own physical shop where you can hold Ingrini pieces before you buy them 🙂

I’m truly happy and fortunate to do what I have always dreamt of, to me it’s more than a business.


PS: I cannot say how much I appreciate all of the wonderful, heartfelt comments that I receive from all of you, it drives me to work even harder and for that I want to say thank you for all the support.



*Song: Vacation – Dirty Heads
Video Song info:
“A Himitsu – Fragile” is free to use on YouTube if you give credit to A Himitsu.
Music promoted by BreakingCopyright:

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