#marchmeetthemaker#marchmeetthemaker | Part 01

#marchmeetthemaker | Part 01


March is the month of the popular hashtag campaign, #marchmeetthemaker – originally started by Joanne Hawker. It’s a wonderful way for you to get to know artists and insight into their journey.

Unfortunately, I’m a little late – but as they say, better late than never!
There will be a weekly round-up of blog posts covering selected daily prompts of the campaign.

So without further a due, I hope you enjoy Part 01 of #marchmeetthemaker behind Ingrini.


The Story of Ingrini

It all started with a sentimental bouquet of white roses that I wanted to last forever.

The story of Ingrini has been a 4+ year journey that started in my tiny Cape Town apartment-art-science-flower-laboratory. I first started by incorporating petals into drawings on paper, then combined both techniques onto ceramic and glass until it finally came together in jewellery. If you would like to find out more, please click here.


Hands at work

I love creating videos of how Ingrini pieces are made. If you would like to view more Behind the Scenes videos, please click here.



Everything comes with hard work, although time flies for me as I have fun ALL day!

The actual time it takes to make an Ingrini piece always varies depending on the design and petals used. It starts by sourcing beautiful flowers from amazing little shops as well as foraging in natural settings. Before I get to work and experiment with various combinations, petals need to be carefully plucked and pressed for 7 days (sometimes slightly longer depending on the petal-type).

Once the piece has been made, a lot of time is spent photographing it to bring it all together on the Ingrini shop as well as presenting it on Instagram and Facebook.


Close up


Reducing Waste

I try my best to make efficient effort recycling by reusing plastic bags and cardboard boxes that material parts arrive in. Plastic Bags are stored away in a marked box and reused to store parts and petals. Boxes are my favorite because they help me store and organize the things I don’t use often in my office and around our home.

Ingrini pieces are packaged into environmentally friendly recyclable jewellery and postal boxes and wrapped in eco-friendly craft tissue made from 100% recycled paper. Please read more about that here.



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Welcome to Ingrini, a happy place filled with endless flowers and love.

owner, Claudia Jones