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Create, Innovate and Just Keep Going | Ingrini


Hello lovely people.

With everything going on right now I want to try and help you through the isolation period. Moving forward, apart from #marchmeetthemaker posts, I am going to try my best to present you with positive, fun, interesting and easy-to-do content that will hopefully inspire you to create projects of your own at home.

Ingrini Recommendation: Use this time to learn something new.

You could create a garden (big or small) or even pick up that guitar tucked away on display. Whatever you do, do not do nothing.

If you are feeling creative today, grab those art supplies hiding in the back of your cupboard, and just start. There probably will be a few mistakes/frustrations at the start and along the way, but just keep going.

The image of this post was made using good old fashioned paper, pencil and pen – and to spice things up a little, a splash of water paint – no fancy products neither, cheap-cheap. There is nothing wrong with starting from the beginning. You do not need a level of expertise. When it comes to art there is no one correct way of doing things. It’s all about what you. Starting with the basics will help you build a foundation that quite often leads to other amazing ideas.

When it comes to Ingrini, I usually get pen to paper before starting anything. I draw the idea no matter how rough the mockup might be and sometimes it’s purely to find colour combinations and/or layout – no details. For me, it always helps plan the steps ahead.

I believe creativity is something everyone can benefit from and anyone can do it. We have a world of resources available at our fingertips where wonderful people will help you from the beginning. Now go and get started 🙂

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