#marchmeetthemakerLove to Make | #marchmeetthemaker | Part 03

Love to Make | #marchmeetthemaker | Part 03

What do I love making? Everything!

One would think Ingrini has enough creativity to keep me busy – well yes, but also no. I enjoy painting landscapes from photographs I’ve taken of places that I’ve been to and then there are the decor DIYs…

In my spare time I love making home, home. From home decor to kitty DIYs.
While they not always easy, I must admit I sometimes love a little challenge – and what better feeling than making something with your own hands.


Creativity is not only limited to product pieces, as of recently I have found a new love for cooking and baking while using a little creativity to add that personal touch. I am definitely not a professional. 

Our kitchen usually looks like it has been turned upside down by the time I’m done – and oh boy, sometimes my cooking looks a whole lot better than it tastes – but as it turns out, a little patience and a few tries later, I have taught myself new healthy combinations while creating fun for myself instead of dreading trying to think of “what’s for dinner”.

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