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Oh goodness… I never got round to doing as many #marchmeetthemaker posts as I was hoping to. Even though I only participated in a few, I did take something out of it.

It taught me that being or feeling vulnerable is actually okay.
Sharing more about myself on a personal level was a daunting thought at first, but I realized that being personal would allow you to get to know me and the journey of Ingrini.

I’m ending off my #marchmeetthemaker challenge with the daily prompt “self-care”.
To be honest, it is something I am constantly working on. It is so easy to get caught up with work to a point where it is all you think about. The mind is in a constant battle of drawing the line at working hard and working too much.
The truth is, without balance, you can’t move forward.
So how do we find that balance? Well, here are 4 things that helped me find some grounding in my daily life.

First Things First – Routine – and stick with it

It doesn’t have to be an accurate hour to hour plan – because let’s be real, life happens – but rather a guideline for the day. I recently started applying a Monday to Friday “rule” for myself. Wake up 6:30 every weekday and leave the pampering of sleeping in and coffee in bed for the weekends only.

Spend time with loved ones

While this isn’t currently possible to do in person, we are blessed with the wonders of technology. If technology gets too much for you, go back to the old school ways and make an actual phone call or even handwrite a letter – make sure to keep personal contact.

Live Life with Nature

There is really something amazing about how nature feeds food to the soul. Unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible for everyone to even go walking, but there are a few ways you can still be close to nature.
Set up a garden in your home. Add a few plants in your windows and around your home.
“I can’t look after plants” – yes you can, “but they always die” – just give them water. I have no qualifications in gardening – I actually know nothing concrete about it. But now, I can proudly say that I have been able to keep plants alive for a season and longer – all it took was water and sunshine. “But I always forget to water them” – that needs to change. Looking after a plant will heal you in the right direction of having a routine while adding value, responsibilities and priorities.


Being creative is not limited to artists with a paintbrush. I believe being creative is something everyone in this world can benefit from. There are so many ways to be creative. You can be creative musically, while cooking, by adding decor elements to your home, gardening, and writing – to name a few. There are so many resources available at your fingers tips, let those creative juices flow.

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