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Petal Tissue Box | Ingrini Creativities


Spring is here and so are the sniffles from fresh pollen for some. It might seem contradicting to decorate a tissue box in petals, but at least these petals won’t make you sneeze AND you get to keep a little bit of spring, all year round – and I must admit, I have come to love a good looking tissue box.



The procedure is exactly the same as Ingrini’s previous project (the Petal Elephant).

First things first do not be like me and make the same mistake twice, ? do not forget to wear gloves*!

All you need is Mod Podge, a paintbrush, petals**, permanent markers, and a tissue box.

Apply a layer of Mod Podge and gently massage or press the petals into the Mod Podge – they will slowly soften in the glue.

After applying all the petals, add another layer of Mod Podge as a protective coating and let it dry completely (preferably overnight).

The final step is optional. Use a permanent marker and decorate the tissue box in patterns***.
Once you are happy with your design and the ink has completely dried, apply another layer of Mod Podge for added protection, and let it dry overnight.

TIP: keep a tissue under your hand when using the permanent markers, it helps avoid smudges on you and your artwork.



The supplies used in this video are from Pipoos (The Netherlands):



*Please do not use high-quality gloves that you might be wearing during the pandemic. The gloves used here are of poor quality, purely meant for crafts.
**You can use fresh petals, but be aware that the petals will change colour over time – this is also quite an exciting route to take, your artwork will constantly be changing until it has reached the final colour change.
***Search “beautiful patterns drawing hand-drawn” on Pinterest or Google for inspiration.



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