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The Forget-Me-Not flower is the sweetest little flower ? It is so tiny!

As cute as these flowers are, their scientific name is a good example of when dynamite comes in small packages. They are also known as Myosotis Scorpioides, and Scorpion Grasses.

The name comes from the Greek words mouse (mus) and ear (otis), referring to the shape of the leaf.

A source revealed that the flower got its name from a medieval story where a knight was strolling along the river with his love. As he stopped to pick flowers, he fell into the water and unfortunately the weight of his armor caused him to drown – BUT before he was swallowed by the river he through the flowers to his love and cried out, “Forget me not”.


Interesting Facts

  • Their tall, hairy stems can even reach 2 feet (+- 60cm) in height.
  • They bloom from May to October.
  • The adorable flower also blooms into pink.
  • Native to the United States.
  • Low maintenance in the garden.

Green Fingers

The Forget-me-not thrives near brooks, streams and other bodies of water. Desirable conditions of high humidity and moisture. These are great additions for beginner gardens as the perennial flower care is minimal and spreads easily – more coverage. They bloom in shady spots and damp areas for their tiny seeds to fall. Even though they prefer the shade, they can adapt to full sun.

Pet Friendliness

These petite little flowers are safe around furbabies. If you have small children or pets you’ll be happy to know that this plant is non-toxic and is even edible (when no pesticides are used of course) – so you can add color to salads and/or baked goods.



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