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Petal Jewellery Box | Ingrini


Before you think, “oh no, not another Mod Podge project” – I promise you the next project will be different ? – see this as starting from the basics and working our way up.

As my jewellery collection has been growing over the years, so has the need for places where I can keep my jewellery safe. It has also helped me organise by category, for example, day-to-day, casual, evening and special occasions.

So without further ado, here is a very easy and simple way you can decorate a wooden jewellery box.


You Need


Step 01: wear gloves*!

Step 02: apply a layer of Mod Podge and gently massage or press the petals into the Mod Podge – until they soften in the glue and adhere flat and smoothly to the surface.

Step 03: after applying all the petals, add another layer of Mod Podge covering the entire box* and let it dry completely, preferably overnight.

Step 04: use permanent markers to decorate the jewelry box in patterns*. Once the ink has dried, apply another layer of Mod Podge for added protection, and let it dry overnight.

*Tips and Tricks

The gloves here are of poor quality, purely meant for crafts.
You can use fresh petals, but be aware that the petals will change colour over time – this is also quite an exciting route to take, your artwork will constantly be changing until it has reached the final colour change.
Search “beautiful patterns drawing hand-drawn” on Pinterest or Google for inspiration.

TIP? Painting the entire box with Mod Podge will prevent ink from running into the wood creating a messy look. Keep a tissue under your hand when using the permanent markers, it helps avoid smudges on you and your artwork.





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