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Wire Flower with Beads | Ingrini


We recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary of living in The Netherlands 😃 yay us 😊 it had us reminiscing and that got me inspired.

In South Africa street vendors are very popular, well not so much now with what’s going on in the world, but they do business with drivers sitting in their vehicles, while engines are running at traffic lights. Some even run after moving vehicles completing business transactions, it’s quite amazing actually. Most of these vendors sell incredibly beautiful beaded wire artworks in forms of flowers, bunnies, the big 5 and cars – to name a few.


This was not too difficult, but the procedure is a little tricky when it comes to handling the wire. The secret is to keep going. On another attempt my flower did not seem to take any shape, but as I kept going and adding “petals”, the flower started growing. Once you get a hang of shaping the wire you will find that it is quite forgiving and can hold its shape without having to be too secured.


While my video doesn’t do much justice for a proper tutorial, it does show that with a little patience, anything is possible. Here are links I watched to videos of artisans who show you exactly, step-by-step, how you can create a beautiful flower:

I made two flowers separately and then assemble the two together to get more of a 3 dimensional look.


Music: Ikson – Among Stars

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