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Primula Obconica

The Primula Obconica is named that because the leaves are covered in tiny hairs that secrete a sticky, toxic substance that will effect sensitive skin with an irritation almost immediately.

It is a winter and spring flowering pot plant that blooms in beautiful colours of red, blue, white, pink, dark orange, red, burgundy and blue – while the other flowers are sleeping.


  • Native to China
  • Named Poison or German Primrose
  • Max Growth of 25 cm – 30 cm
  • Poisonous and toxic to cats and dogs

Green Fingers

The Primula is easy to look after and perfect for any beginner. They need a location with morning sun, afternoon shade and moist, but well-drained soil . Cool (13 – 18°C) conditions with ample bright and indirect sunlight. They can be easily grown indoors and outdoors during winter and the flowers will bloom for around 6 weeks.


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