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Country Flag Collection

So much has and is happening in the world, literally everywhere, on all corners. And so much of it is completely out of our control. 


We feel small. Helpless.
We wonder why things happen the way they do and we can’t always understand why authorities do the things they do. 

Still, in these times we notice the beauty of people’s hearts that shine through the hurt and pain. Selflessness and take charge attitudes that restore the faith that we feel is lost and forgotten in the world. It’s you, your neighbour, that friend who is always there for you, the person down the street who always waves even though they don’t know you, that one who greets everyone with a smile as they hop on the bus, the brave people who risk it all to protect us. 

It’s the people who heal what’s broken, restore it and give hope. It’s them who are the true and real representatives for their countries. And sometimes it’s the smallest actions that make the biggest difference. The unconditional love to strangers that is a reminder that there are wonderful, admirable and honourable people in the world. 

It’s the action of millions of exceptional people standing together to help one another. It’s YOU who provokes change. YOU are making the real difference and YOU inspire us all… you inspired this series.  
The Ukraine piece is not for sale. More details will be shared soon. 
Don’t see your country flag?
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