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The Making of Ingrini’s Wooden Hearts

Hey 😃🌷💕

If you recently started following Ingrini,
I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Claudia and I am the artist-owner of Ingrini. It’s only me 😊 (reason why posts are sporadic – I try my best 😄).

Ingrini pieces are individually and exclusively made with love, using real petals and natural elements found in The Netherlands. Designs are inspired by seasonal flowers, colours and trends.

I am 36 years old 🤫 and hold certificates in Photography and Desktop Publishing (DTP), as well as a degree in Art Direction.

Fast Forward to the present day, two are referred to as Graphic Design (GD) and Conceptual Art – however! DTP cannot be compared to the GD qualification standards of today, DTP is a thing of the past when magazines were still magazines and not digitally available online 😅 my design skills were (and still are) acquired through the years of experience and some are also self-taught.

My career includes working as a Conceptual Artist, Marketing Assistant, Graphic Designer and Personal Assistant in all sorts of industries ranging from education, printing to branding.


I lived in South Africa my whole life. My fiance and I (and our cat, Ohana) ventured to The Netherlands 5 years ago. It’s here where Ingrini officially bloomed.

Ingrini Collections have been diverse and experimental, correlating along with my small business growth. Last year, I invest in a machine that allows me to bring my ideas to life. Among a list of possibilities I am yet to still discover with this machine, the wooden heart pendants are the second set of jewellery pieces made this way, the first being wooden earrings.

It all starts in my sketch book where I scribble a few ideas, rework and redraw before creating a vector shape in Adobe Illustrator that is then sent to the cutting machine where the magic happens.

The heart is made by joining 4 layers of the thin basswood with glue. Once dried I smooth down the edges by hand using either sand paper and a hand held sander, similar to a Dremel. The piece is finished off with an eco friendly varnish for protection.

The petals used in these pendants were finely crushed by using scissors before they are finally added to the epoxy and into the bezel section of the heart.

But the process does not stop there 😃
The final step is adding them onto stainless steel (allergy-free) chain that are specially picked to compliment each other.

Wooden Heart Pieces




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