Flowers and Plants

Flowers and Plants
BLOG – Primula Obconica

Primula Obconica

The Primula Obconica is named that because the leaves are covered in tiny hairs that secrete a sticky, toxic substance that will effect sensitive skin with an irritation almost immediately.…
BLOG Ingrini South African Fynbos 01

South African Fynbos | Ingrini

    Fynbos is special to South Africa for so many reasons. Not only does it stretch from the mountains of Western to Eastern Cape, but it is capable of…

Lady’s Mantle | Ingrini

    This teeny tiny flower is called Alchemilla mollis, or Lady’s Mantle and is best known for its property that water droplets remain like pearls on the leaves after…

Forget-Me-Not | Ingrini

The Forget-Me-Not flower is the sweetest little flower ? It is so tiny! As cute as these flowers are, their scientific name is a good example of when dynamite comes…

Carnations | Ingrini

  The Carnation, also known as Dianthus, are popular go-to bouquets because of their pretty petals and vibrant colours. The history of Carnations dates back to when they got their scientific…

Orchids Facing Extinction | Ingrini

  Something that really breaks my heart is when people don’t respect the ground they walk on and what that means for the future of this beautiful planet. After reading…

Delphinium Flower | Ingrini

  The Delphinium caught my eye as soon as I walked into one of my favorite flower shops. Apart from a beautiful striking blue, it also blooms in pink, white,…

Dahlia | Ingrini

  The Dahlia flower is as beautiful as the name sounds. Their flowers can range from a dinner plate size to the size of tiny pompoms.   Interesting Facts about…

Ageratum | Ingrini

At first glance, the soft flowers look like tiny pompoms. The delightfully fragrant plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds.   Interesting Facts about the Ageratum Also known as…

Hydrangea | Ingrini

It is hard not to love the Hydrangea (also known as, Hortensia). The vibrant colours of the flowers are enough reason to see why it has been popular for many…

Crossandra Fortuna | Ingrini

Just by looking at the Crossandra Fortuna one can tell that this unusual looking plant must be rather special. The plant is rather popular and for so many beautiful reasons.…

Celosia Caracas

This is the type of plant Ingrini loves. The vibrant purple oh-so-beautiful flower is only one of its many charms. Apart from being edible – yes you read right –…
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