How it is Made

How it is Made
It all starts

by venturing out and sourcing flowers from the most amazing little shops or nurseries, but nothing comes close to finding the perfect flower growing in a natural setting, even if it is my own garden.


Petals are carefully removed and then pressed for a week – sometimes slightly longer until they have fully dried.

Removing the petals from the press and seeing what beautiful additions will be added to Ingrini’s petal palette, is just one of my favorite moments.

Design Inspiration

Ingrini designs are inspired through colour, landscapes and other places in the world.

Sometimes concepts are preplanned, and other times I am inspired in a moment and allow the creativity to flow freely.

The petals are sealed with resin in Stainless Steel or 925 Sterling Silver settings. To view videos of pieces in the making, please visit Ingrini’s Behind the Scene blog posts.

Final Touches

Once a piece has been made, a lot of time is spent photographing it to bring it all together on the Ingrini shop as well as presenting it on Instagram and Facebook.

Everything you see around Ingrini is all done by me

I really am in love with what I do and my heart spills with so much happiness having the opportunity to create beautiful tiny terrariums filled with floral secrets.

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Welcome to Ingrini, a happy place filled with endless flowers and love.

owner, Claudia Jones