The Salsa and Ingrini Collaboration

The Salsa and Ingrini Collaboration
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With love from London and Amsterdam

I am beyond excited to introduce you to The Salsa and Ingrini Collaboration.
They say all good things take time, well we have been working on these for quite sometime now and are so thrilled to finally share them with you!

Each piece from this collection is authentic and contains one of a kind, miniature hand-painted paintings and real dried petals.

About The Salsa

Salma is a Capetonian artist living in England. Professionally trained as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer. 

Her work has been featured in many publications and even on billboards.
Now working in a much tinier scale, Salma paints miniature landscapes in acrylic inks on archival cotton paper using a magnifying lamp and paintbrushes that are a fraction of a millimetre thick. 

These tiny paintings take hours of focus. Making precise brush strokes and mixing colours for subtle tonal differences to create variation and texture. These paintings may be tiny, but they pack in incredible amounts of detail. 

Visit to see more of her work, or click on the button below: 

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Welcome to Ingrini, a happy place filled with endless flowers and love.

owner, Claudia Jones